The Hair

Yep, it's big.
Yep, it helps get me closer to God.
Yep, we lovingly refer to it as Ghostbusters hair most mornings in my house.
Yep, it is from The Lone Star State.
Yep, it has a personality of it's own.

So this happened the other day:

My mom's reply when I asked her if my hair was too big, was "No, it looks real cute." My dad on the other hand "It looks better than it did this morning."  Gee thanks, dad!

#bighairdontcare = FALSE!
#curlyhairdontcare = FALSE!
You do care!  And let's get real, it is work!  

To all of my curly hair sisters out there, I love you!  I feel your pain!
To all of my straight hair friends out there, we both envy each other.  Be happy with who you are!


Organized Chaos said…
Oh my word! you crack me up! I can't remember the last time I slept with my hair not tied back! Oh...and forget brushing if the conditioner was finished! In that case it would be more bearable to rip it out by handfuls! I feel your pain but I still love my curls!
CWY said…
This is great!
Hi Lauren, Yes, I totally get this! My daughter has the most beautiful (in my humble opinion) curly blonde hair. I have pin straight (is there anything straighter than a pin??) hair. We want each other's hair. She is also studying to be a "real" interior designer--and I am so happy to find a blogger who gets what that is! I am really enjoying looking through your posts and I'm a new follower. Linda