Welcome to a Small Town

If you live in or grew up in a small town then you will not only understand the following statements, but you will probably have your own stories to add to each of these. For those of you have been reading Enjoying the Journey very long then you know I love my small Texas town. I grew up here, I am moving into my own house here, I work here, and attend church here. You could pretty much say my life revolves around this small town. And to top it all off I am the fourth generation of my family to live here.

My love for my town grows more everyday as I get older, I learn more about my heritage, and as it changes. It reminds me of my roots and I love the thought that it will always be a part of me if I move, or am just away on a trip. To keep you in suspense no longer I will now and share with you my:

Top Ten Ways You Know You Are In A Small Town

1. You compare the size of large buildings to not other buildings, but silos.
2. You go where everyone knows your name. At lunch last week one of the ladies I work with was commenting on how everyone in the restaurant we were at, as well as others in town, knew all of our names. My reply to that, "Welcome to a Small Town!"
3. It is an on going joke that the streets roll up at night because there is nothing going on.
4. Waving at everyone you pass on the streets is common, even if you don't know them by name.
5. Helping friends move is just part of the job description. One of my friends helped my parents and I move my piano the other night and as I was thanking him his simple reply was "We live in a small town, it's what we do." Yes, yes it is!
6. The only traffic you encounter is school traffic, trains, and tractors.
7. Your parents best friends kids are your best friends and you hope the same for your children someday too.
8. Parades and fairs are the biggest things that go on each year.
9. People mistake you for your mother because they remember her when she was your age. My favorite thing is when I introduce myself and then proceed to tell them my mother's maiden name and after they learn I am a Ready we are instant best friends.
10. Life is slower paced, the tea is sweeter, and front porch sitting is cherished time well spent. When I started typing I was only going to give you five, but I just couldn't stop. Did I miss anything? What would you add to the list? Better yet, what is it that you love about your small town the most?

Bonus for Texas Small Towns:
11. On Friday nights anyone and everyone is at the football game.
12. You know the Texas pledge of allegiance and hang the Texas flag on your house.


haha definitely not something I can relate to! But fun to read :)
Stephanie said…
I definitely live in a small town as well :) Personally, I love it and wouldn't not want to live in the city. SO good to visit you, Lauren, I think of you often and pray you are doing well!

Absolutely love that! Waxahachie isn't as small as your town, but it still has the small town feel! :)