1972 Never Looked So Good

Before and After
1972 to 2013
When I decided to move into my grandparents house I knew that it would be quite the task of renovating their house to become my home.  I had so many memories in the house and knew that by changing it those memories would change too, but the excitement of what it could be inspired me to press forward.  As the renovation progressed and still as I change things and add new things I keep saying that 1972 Never Looked So Good!  My grandparents moved in the house in 1972 and the paneling, avocado green sink, and harvest yellow bathroom just screamed 70's!
To this day I know that the one person in my family that would be the proudest of what I have done to my house would be my grandmother that lived here (my mom's mom).  Not only because she lived here, but because that was the type of woman she was.  If we were happy she was happy and she was always so proud of my brother and I.
To say that I am thrilled with the outcome of my labor of love and renovations would be an understatement.  I am in love with my house and so happy that it is mine.  The other day I got home from the grocery store and while I was in my beautiful kitchen I found myself almost skipping around with the biggest smile ever.  Yes, I love grocery shopping and it was great to fill my pantry with groceries, but I was just so happy and still am.  The Lord is good!

So what is next?

Counter tops will be here either next week or right after Thanksgiving.  I have curtains to hang this weekend in the living room and my bedroom, as well as hang pictures in all of the rooms.  

Over the next few weeks I plan on breaking down each room and sharing with you everything that was done in each of them, what treasures are in them, and how I got rid of all of that wood paneling.  Have any questions just ask and I will try and answer them in the weeks to come. 


Raeven said…
Everything looks SO GOOD!!! Great job! I know you have to be so proud, and you certainly deserve to be!
I have been loving your hashtag!!! And love these updates!! Your house is coming along so great. Exciting, friend!! Love that door by your dining room table.