How My Home Came To Being

Well it has happened.  I have officially spent two nights in my very own house.  Before I bombard you all with pictures I want to truly tell you how big of a blessing this house has been and how thankful I am for it.  My mom and dad have been the biggest support and help I could have ever asked for for a project and decision like this.  For example I came how Tuesday to my mom on her hands and knees in my kitchen cleaning my refrigerator   Why you ask... because she knew it needed to be done and I had not gotten to it yet.  My dad, he helped me move and set up my house all weekend and he felt bad(allergies) all weekend.  And don't even get me started on the huge blessing that my entire family was a few weeks ago when we had our Blessings Party.  These past few months have taught me many things, and one of those things was how to be truly selfless as seen directly from my parents.  

Kitchen looks a little different from the last time y'all saw it! This was taken twelve days ago so it already looks different too!
Moving into my own home was no easy decision, nor was it something that my parents and I took lightly.  This move meant a lot of things for my family:
-My parents would no longer have a rent house. Loss of income for them, but no more hassle of renters.
-I would officially be on my own and roommate free.
-Don't even get me started on finances.  Loans, penny pinching, budgeting, that costs how much?...

And I personally realized that moving out was not something that I had to have a man to do it with, or 2.5 kids and a dog(you get my drift?).  The timing was perfect and most definitely the Lord's timing.  

When my parents and I finally decided that it was the right time for me to move we still had renters in my house.  We have had renters in it since my junior year of high school when my grandmother passed away and my grandfather moved in with us.  As a family, we always hoped that either my brother or I would want to live there someday and that day finally arrived.  So my parents and I started praying about and discussing how we were going to ask our current renters to leave.  My parents finally asked them to come over after many weeks of prayer.  My parents gave them a letter giving them sixty days to move out, and as they were reading it they started to laugh because they were about to tell my parents that they were moving the next week.  What a mighty God we serve!

The next two months were a whirl wind.  Our renters moved out, we came up with plans for renovations, interviewed and hired a contractor to do the work, chose paint, tile, wood floors, and fixtures galore(thank goodness for my degree), and watched the house transform.  Each step has not necessarily been easy, but it has been a joy to be a part of every detail and step!

Now I am in the progress of moving, setting up everything, and still cleaning up construction dust.  Since my last update:
-All the fixtures have been installed
-I painted the gigantic book shelf
-Flooring was installed
-Counter tops were chosen and should be installed in two- three weeks
-No washer a dryer yet
-Rugs have been purchased (and I still want more,of course)
-All the locks have been changed and this girl changed two of them all by herself!  Door knob and all!
-Shelves were hung in the kitchen (thanks dad!)
-All shelves and drawers in the kitchen and baths have been lined with shelf paper (thanks mom!)
-The broken window was fixed
-My garage is still a mess and needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the FJ can be parked in there (no nails please!)

Now for the fun part... pictures!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some of these, and stay tuned for many more!!

Above Left: Epic Ikea run.  Yep, both carts are ours (mom and dad got a few things too)! 
Above Right: I believe that is called "nesting"
Bottom: My first visitor.  Dad was more than happy to babysit while I gave her mom a tour.
In other unrelated news, in case you have been under a rock the past few weeks Baby Lewis has arrived (see above)!  
I left these pumpkins on the Bestie's front porch while she was still in the hospital so she would have them to come home to!  Everyone is doing great and I can't wait to dress her in her very first Delta Gamma t-shirt!


Danavee said…
FUNNNNNNNN! I can't wait to see what you do with the place!
this is so awesome and I am so excited for you! God is good!
Stephanie said…
YAY!!! I am thrilled for you, Lauren :) I CAN'T wait to see what you have done with your charming home. Happy weekend. Hugs!