Life Lately

Hello Sweet Friends, 
Life has been crazy, blessed, stressful, and beautiful lately.  I have wanted to share every moment with you all, but seeing as I have been in the middle of moving and most days don't feel like sitting down at my computer after sitting behind one all day it has taken me a while to get here.

In order to catch you all up(without just making you go to Twitter and Instagram), I thought I would back track and fill you in.

11/18- I met a new client yesterday and before I could even say my name she started exclaiming about how much she LOVED my hair.  Then when she found out I control the colors (AKA Interior Designer) and we were instant best friends.  Also, I have the loudest dish washer in the history of ever.  When I got out of the shower I forgot it was going and almost pulled out my Nerf gun because I thought I had an intruder in my house.  And I put up my new and only fall decorations.

11/17- Allergies...

11/16- Worked cattle with the parentals and no lie, my mom got run over by a calf.  Later that evening Cabela's and Sonny Bryan's bbq made it all better(well almost). Update: Mom is doing fine, just a little sore.

11/15- Brother and the sister-in-love came over for dinner and fondue.  I made chili in the crockpot and it was there first time to see my house since the Blessings Party.  To say the least it had changed a bit. The best part of the evening was the chocoloate fondue that we consumed in my granmom's old green fondue pot.  Many thanks to the 1970s for that little gem.

11/14- Thursdays are my favorite day of the week, Katie came over for dinner, and I had a project go out at work.  Yippie!

11/13- HUMP DAY!

11/12- After officially living in my house for a week this was my first evening home all by myself.  It was a very productive evening.  I hung blinds, made ginger bread and southern sweet tea, unpacked my heels and purses, and there may or may not have been a dance party involved.  May...

11/11- A bad case of the Mondays :( and bible study :).

11/10- Moving, unpacking, and a blessed evening at church.

11/9- Moving and celebrated the sister-in-love's birthday!!!

11/8- Half Day Friday, and more stuff to move.  How do I have so much stuff?  Better question, why do I have so much stuff?

11/7- Thursday= My Favorite

11/6- No one cares because Tuesday was such a big day(see below).

11/5- First night spent in my very own home.  That's right people, I moved in on the 5th and it was a glorious day!  The plumber finally came and I finally had enough stuff there to sleep and make coffee in the morning.

I could keep going back in time, but really I don't think anything else matters after the 5th.  The 5th was a day I had been planning on and praying for a long time and it was very surreal!  I have been so blessed the past few weeks and hope to keep sharing those many blessings with you as I get back into the blogging routine.
For now I will leave you with this guy that is loving having me even closer to his catch pasture.  He greets me each evening when I get home and I love it!

P.S. Pictures of the house are coming... I promise.  Until then follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks and check out the hashtag #1972neverlookedsogood for the latest!


Stephanie said…
Can't wait to see the pictures and the photo is beautiful! You made me laugh about the Nerf Gun :) My son would love you since he has more Nerf Guns than I can count.

So good to stop by and say hi :) Hugs to you!
Love reading your update!
You made me laugh about the intruder and the Nerf gun! Glad you didn’t have to do that and glad there was no intruder!! And so glad your mom is okay. I concur, Cabelas and Sonny Bryans does make everything better!!! Love that picture!