A Christmas Wreath

This year I decided to limit the amount of Christmas decorations in my home because I just moved in and I have other priorities right now.  There is a small tree on my bar with fun twinkle lights, some Let It Snow red and green bunting, and three nativity scenes.  So in an effort to take Christmas outside I made this beauty.
I could have made a tutorial but this amazing tutorial taught me how to make the wreath and this one helped me make the bow.  Many thanks to these two ladies for taking the time to make great tutorials!

This took two spools of 15' burlap and I used every inch of it.  Thankfully I got the last wire wreath that JoAnns Fabric had and I got all of the supplies I needed before the ice came and shut down Texas.  I also made a wreath for my mom and she loves it!

My next wreath is going to be much smaller and maroon and gold.  Can you say Go Texas State!!!  Now, along with this beauty and all the Christmas music I have been playing lately it is really starting to feel like Christmas around here!  Oh, and all that ice doesn't hurt either!
Merry Christmas, sweet friends!


That's so pretty!! I want to see the one you made your Mom too!! :)
Jamie said…
That wreath is so pretty!
Lauren Alexis said…
Love your wreath! I have been making my burlap wreaths with the squares and foam base, because every time I go to JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby they are sold out of the wire base! I can't wait to try it!

So pretty!
SO pretty! I will have to take a look at that tutorial. I have been wanting to make a wreath for a while now!