A Little Ice

In case you missed it Texas has been shut down the past few days by a little thing I like to call ice.  Thursday afternoon while I was still at work it started sleeting and Thankfully my dad drove us to work that day.  It sleeted all through the night and well into Friday mid morning even after we had arrived at the office.
Dad dropped me off Friday at lunch and since we only work half days on Fridays I was thankful to not have to get out again.  My mom and I had gone shopping on Tuesday night in preparation for the coming ice.  We bought groceries and wreath making supplies and I am so glad we did!  Friday evening I skated over to my parent's house for some potato soup in my sweatpants with tights and cowboy boots.  I was bundled up so much that I looked about fifty pounds overweight.  After spending a lovely night with my parents my dad and April the dog took me home.  
Saturday morning I slept in and after some house chores were taken care of I skated over to my parents house again.  My dad cleared my driveway with the tractor that morning and it was quite comical to watch.  Part of my was afraid he was going to go straight through my garage door, and the other part of me was so thankful to have a father that takes care of me!

Sunday I slept in again because church was cancelled at all the local churches.  The most productive thing I did all day was bake and made some heavenly Peanut Butter Chip Chocolate cookies.
Overall the ice has not affected us too much at my house.  I am thankful that my dad drove me to work Friday and Monday, and I am thankful I didn't have to go anywhere in this horrible weather.  Interstate 35 has been shut down in Sanger (where I live) and it looks like we have gotten some of the worst of the weather.  All the roads are covered in ice and still dangerous.  My dad and I keep joking that we wished we lived further than two miles from the office so we could have a snow day too, but then again I would have to use PTO and I wouldn't want to waste that!

Hope all of you are staying warm and being safe out there!!


These photos are amazing!!! So beautiful! I am glad you all were safe during the ice storm. Sounds like you had good company!! :)