Best of 2013

This year has been one for the books!  Twenty-four has treated me well and I am so blessed for all that the Lord has provided!  Last year I did a Best of '12 countdown, so I thought I would do it again and share 13 of my favorite things from 2013.  
No particular order, just starting from the beginning and ending with December.  I hope that all of you enjoy this countdown and take the time to look back on the blessings that you have had this year too!

Best of '13

1. Spent an amazing long weekend in Denver and Boulder with Miss Fine right after my birthday.  Beautiful, cold and pampered sums up the amazing time we had!
2. I found out that the bestie was going to be a mama!  Look out world, future DG in the making!!!

3. Girls Day at the Water Gardens in Ft. Worth.  Such a great time and always a joy to get to spend time there with friends!

4. Traveled to the big city of Buffalo Gap with my parents.  We spent a lovely weekend in Abilene and Buffalo Gap and it was so much fun exploring the area.

5. My brother got married and I got a new sister!!!  It was a beautiful celebration with all of our family and friends and such a blessing!  The wedding, the rehearsal, and the dresses...

6. Headed to Hilton Head Island for an amazing trip with Katie!  She is the best travel buddy in the world and I love, love, love traveling and exploring with her.  While there we celebrated the year anniversary of my granmoms passing in the only way we knew how to; traveling and enjoying life.
7. Had one of the best meals of MY LIFE!  While on our trip to Hilton Head, Katie and I spent some time in Savannah and went to The Lady and Sons and enjoyed Paula Deens heavenly cooking.

8. Practiced my baking skills by making two fun cakes.  One for the bestie's gender reveal and one for Father's Day.  When you get the chance to make a cake shaped like Texas, you write about it as much as possible!!
9. My dad and I finally completed my beloved coffee table.  It was a year in the making and such a joy to finally place in my home.  I do love that table, but I am more thankful for the time I got to spend with my dad while making it.

10. I opened up my heart about singleness many times and was so touched with how my readers and friends responded to my honesty and openness.

11. Attended the wonderful Declare Conference and met some amazing friends and bloggers.  Grew in my faith, my blogging, and my courage.

12. Moved into my own house which was my grandparents and became neighbors with my parents instead of roommates.  After some renovations and a blessings party I had a home.

13. While turning my 1972 house into my home I made a beautiful Christmas wreath and nested a bit.

Happy New Year, sweet friends!


Looks like 2013 was an amazing year for you!! Cheers to 2014!! xo