Be My Guest

By my guest! Be my guest!
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And we'll provide the rest
-Beauty and the Beast

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

This is one of my favorite rooms in my house, not necessarily because of the decor or the layout but for what it stands for.  A guest room.  The purpose of a guest room is to host guests in your home and I love that I have a place for them to stay, relax and rest their head. 

As I was preparing to move into my home I knew that even though I was going to be the only one living here, this house was not just for me.  This house is for my family, my friends and ultimately my guests.  Viewing it as a part of my ministry has come to be a beautiful thing for me, because I take pride in my home and rejoice in sharing it with others(I feel another blog post coming on).  I knew and hoped that this home would serve many purposes and this room is the true definition of that.

This room hosts my beautiful guest bed, piano, sewing machine, and dress/heel closet.  Yes, one small room with many different hats.  Not literally though, those are all in the closet in the living room...

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

Bed: Great- grandmother's on my dad's side
Bed spread: Great- grandmother's on my mom's side
Piano: Hand-me-down from my church
Sewing Machine: My granny whose house this was
Sewing kit: Great-Aunt Frances
Red Wagon: Mine from childhood and a little love from dad's shop restoring it
Pillows and Blanket(on bed): Ikea
Delta Gamma Pillow: Present from my big sister

Enjoying the Journey: Be My GuestEnjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

This room was such a joy to put together because every thing has a story which I'm sure you can tell from the descriptions above.  The bed side table and lamp were my granny's and I love that I was able to bring them back into this house with so many other items that my grandparents originally had in this home.  The pictures above the piano are post cards and photos from all around the world and a couple taken of my mom in this house(uh oh, I feel another blog post).  

The two pictures above the sewing machine are posters that I brought back from my two trips to Nice, France.  I got them at a perfume factory in Eze and love the memories that they bring every time I see them.  

And probably my favorite thing in this room is most likely the thing you looked past and that would be the stack of bibles on the bed side table.  Two of them belong to my grandmom and the other one belongs to my granny.  I told you about my grandmom's blue bible here and how it is falling apart.  

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

The purple bathroom!  It happened a bit organically, but when I realized what was going on I ran with it.  I already had purple rugs and the below sign above the toilet, and when I saw the shower curtain I fell in love.  Silly to fall in love with a shower curtain?  Nope, not this one.

Thankfully I didn't have to get much for this bathroom.  I already had just about everything that you see, and those purple flowers...  yep, they have always sat there.  So like many things, they are right back where they belong.  

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

Enjoying the Journey: Be My Guest

And for this sign... we go way back.  If you have been reading for very long then you have read about one of my best friends, Miss Fine.  It is because of her that this sign is a part of my life.  Let me refer you to this post  so I can fully explain.  View the third photo and it should clear things up.  You see, we have a very messed up sense of humor  an amazing friendship that has been known to scare others.  And as part of that we assume that all bridesmaid dresses should have butt bows.  But since neither of us has ever been married we had to settle with hair bows and hence the purchase of the white bow and making of the sign.  

  I hope that you will be my guest some day.  Be it on this blog, or in my home you are always welcome!

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On my way, friend!! Love it. Looks so cozy. And love all of the stories/history this room holds!!
CWY said…
I LOVE the bed!! How beautiful.
Danavee said…
Love that old bed! I have a wrought iron frame too!
Stephanie said…
Oh how pretty! I love the wagon with the blankets in it :) Blessings to you, sweet friend. Hugs!