Confessions of an Interior Designer: Radiant Orchid

Enjoying the Journey: Confessions of an Interior Designer: Radiant Orchid
Dear Pantone,
As far as I am concerned your choice of Radiant Orchid for the color of the year could not be more perfect.  Once again, you never fail to amaze me and I absolutely agree with your life choices.  If you would have asked me six months ago what I thought the color of the year was going to be I would have said purple.  Personally, I was leaning towards a darker shade, but you all are the professionals and you proved me wrong with this perfect shade.

I asked this same question last year, and with no response I will ask it again.  Did Kate Middleton inspire the color of the year or did you all inspire her?  Either way, I am happy about it. 
In closing, I must thank you.  Not only do I like purple, but I love purple and you, Oh Pantone, have just given me an excuse to wear it all year long.  Okay, not like I wouldn't anyways, but it is now justified.  The possibilities are endless with Radiant Orchid and I cannot wait to start designing with it!  So thank you Pantone, for such a lovely choice!
Enjoying the Journey: Confessions of an Interior Designer: Radiant Orchid

Dear Readers,
Isn't Radiant Orchid great?  I mean come on, we all know you can never have enough purple in your life! 

As I was looking into who has been wearing orchid I came across this great article with many different looks and people, but to my surprise I knew one of the people photographed.  And as in know, I mean I may or may not stalk her in the blogging world.  If you scroll all the way down look at the center photo in the last grouping... it's Lisa Leonard.  I have mentioned her on here before and just love her style, and this finding made my day!

Once again I feel that I must reassure all of you that I have not lost my mind, and what might seem to be an obsession is just a deep love for color.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get you some Radiant Orchid and get your design on!

If you need me, I'll be rocking some Orchid!

Enjoying the Journey: Confessions of an Interior Designer: Radiant Orchid

Perhaps this is just my official proclamation of my true love for any shade of purple.  Perhaps Pantone really is a genius.  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.

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Haha loved reading this...purple is a fine color to me but I always laugh when I hearthe new color of the least with my design projects, they never play a role... Definitely more of a fashion thing