Texas Tuesday: Family Time

This weekend we put our Friday to good use and spent some quality time with the family in Ft. Worth.  My mom, dad and I headed down mid afternoon for some much needed time with my brother and sister-in-love. 

Our agenda for the day was to finish celebrating my mom's birthday at the Picasso and Matisse exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum.  Since my travels to Nice, where both artists did some major work, I have loved their art work so I was probably most excited but I do believe that everyone had a great time. 

When we first arrived we walked over to the newly finished Renzo Piano Pavilion and it was beautiful.  From the floors to the structure the architecture and finishes were so well done.  I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the architecture more than I did the exhibits, but what's new  ...occupational hazard...

The Age of Picasso and Matisse did not disappoint.  The exhibit was really well done and my compliments to the curators.  If you are in the area with some time to spare I highly recommend the exhibit.  Even if you don't have any formal education in art I believe anyone can enjoy it because there are great audio sets that walk you through and you won't miss a beat. 

Now for some snap shots of The Kimbell in the beautiful golden hour.

Enjoying the Journey: Texas Tuesday: Family Time

Enjoying the Journey: Texas Tuesday: Family Time

Enjoying the Journey: Texas Tuesday: Family TimeEnjoying the Journey: Texas Tuesday: Family Time

 And a little brother/sister time...

Enjoying the Journey: Texas Tuesday: Family Time

Today I am linking up with two of my very favorite ladies Crystal and Amanda for Texas Tuesday.  Because let's be honest, what better way to celebrate a Tuesday than a post about the Lone Star State?

Speaking of The Lone Star State... did you see the premiere of Killer Women last week on ABC?  As long as it stays some what clean I AM IN!  Who doesn't love a story about a Texas Ranger?  Especially a female Texas Ranger! 
Masons Mama


Yay for family time! I love that you call her ‘sister-in-love’ – too sweet. We’ve never been to the Kimbell Art Museum. Hopefully one day! Love that last picture. Thank you for linking up!