Three Ways to Style One Set of Candlesticks

This has never been a fashion blog, nor will it ever be.  A design blog this is, but in honor of my great find at an antique mall a year ago I decided to show them off as I have seen so many fashion blogger do before but in a design-y way.

A little over a year ago I found myself in a very familiar antique mall not far from myself and my eye caught these beautiful candlesticks on a small wooden shelf.  When I first saw them I knew I loved them, but since I was still living at home I knew I has no where to put them at the time so I shrugged them off.  When I came back around the second time I knew I had to have them.  They were small enough that they could be stored easily and just too darn cute to pass up.  When I looked at the price tag I could not believe my eyes, they were all seven for eight dollars.  And they were mine.
The day I brought them home I put them on the top of my stack of stored stuff in my parents garage promising them that someday I would find a beautiful home for them.  And I think that I delivered quite well on that promise.

As soon as I moved in they were one of the first things that I unpacked that was not a necessity.  As I was unwrapping them I laughed to myself because I has forgotten exactly what colors they all were.  They found their way straight to my dinning table and have been there ever since.
1. My fall arrangement with leaves gathered from my very own yard.  If you are in need of any beautiful fall leaves next fall my yard is for the picking.  Just don't take too many, because I like to call them my early detection system because I hear them crunching when my parents are walking over and it always announces them before they are on my back porch. 
2. Thanksgiving.  My cousin, Janis, sent me the most beautiful Swarovski cornucopia as a house warming gift from England.  As soon as I got the cornucopia in the mail I knew it had to be centered between the candles and I loved the look with the sticks and signs of things I was thankful for this year.
3. During our huge ice storm my mom started cleaning out her closets and came across this beautiful table runner.  It was in my granny's stuff, but we both agree it was not her style.  We know it was handmade, so we are pretty sure it was my great-grandmother's.  Either way, I love it and m mom said as soon as she pulled it out of the box she knew it would be perfect on my table.  Guess I can delete all of those burlap table runner tutorials on Pinterest, because I now have one of my very own.

My beautiful dinning table was my granny's and this dinning room is the only room it has ever sat in.  Joy fills my heart that when I moved into my home(which was my grandparents) I got to bring some of their priceless pieces and memories back into it, and this Ethan Allen table is just one of them.  And have I mentioned how happy I am that my granny had such classic style that I would still want to be using her table?  No, well I am one happy lady!

How do you like to style your table?  Any pieces on your table that have been passed down through your family?


Stephanie said…
Your candlesticks are fabulous, Lauren! And I love the way your scrunched up the table runner :)

Hugs to you!