Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard

In case you haven't already noticed, January is a good month to celebrate birthdays!  Just to name a few Rebekah, Crystal, Helene, and yours truly!  But there is one more birthday, blog birthday that is, and I am so happy to be celebrating it with Janee and so many other wonderful ladies and gents.
Enjoying the Journey: Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard
I may be a little biased because I just had a birthday, but I think that birthdays are wonderful and a reason to celebrate.  No matter what age you are, chapter of life you are in, or destination you happen to find yourself in.  It is a day to be celebrated be it with friends and family, or you and a single candle. 
So join me and so many others and help Janee celebrate this joyous occasion of her blog's birthday.  If you are a blogger like me, and I know so many of you are, then you will truly know how big of a deal a blog birthday is. Our blogs quickly become part of us, and that alone is reason to celebrate. 
Enjoying the Journey: Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard
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So excited to be collaborating with you on this one! You have a lovely blog :)
Matthew Spade said…
Pleased to be working with you on this one Lauren!

Buckets & Spades