Father's Daughter

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Proof that I am my father's daughter and my brother is my mother's son.
Enjoying the Journey: Father's Daughter 
When I was going through pictures the other day for my dad's birthday present I came across this picture and just had to laugh.  I have always loved this picture for many reasons.  
A. My sweet scar on my chin and blonde hair.
B. My mom's mullet hair.  yep.
C. Steven's overalls and cheesy smile.
D. Dad's entire look.  Let's get real; that mustache, those sunglasses and that hat, and don't even get me started on that jacket.  

In those days we were known to sail year round, sun or shine, cold or hot and this is proof.

The thing that stuck out to me the other day was how my mom and brother are both looking right at the camera and all smiles.  And then there is my dad and I, more or less oblivious to the fact that a photo is being taken.  When I showed this to my mom and dad and pointed it out they both got just as good of a laugh out of it.

So just when I think Steven and I can deny our parents, I find gems like this and all hope is lost.  But let's get real, who would want to deny such styling parents?  


Looking through old pictures is the best!
Elba Valverde said…
Hello Lauren! Looking through old pictures is always fun! right? That is a really sweet picture ;)
Xo, Elba at livecolorful.com
CWY said…
I love this photo! Especially your mom's hair. My mom had bangs teased so big I am not sure how she was able to fit under a door frame.
haha! I love this! Such a gem!