Anchors Away

If you have never heard of the beautiful clothing company eShakti then you, my friend, are missing out.  This is my third time to work with them and every time is a great experience.  Each time I receive a piece from them it exceeds my expectations and fits like a glove. 

When they emailed me and offered me another item from their large online store I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this beauty.  Seriously, a dress covered in my beloved sorority's symbol... yes, please!  
The moment the dress arrived I knew I had made the right decision.  The material and craftsmanship are flawless and like I said above it fits like a glove.  

Many thanks go out to the generous people at eShakti for providing me with this beautiful dress.  I wore it to the education foundation gala in my home town and not only did I get many comments on it, but it was oh, so comfortable.  I paired it with some black heels and a black sweater and thankfully was able to leave my sweater off most of the night.  This is absolutely a piece I can even wear to work.  I'm thinking about pairing it with my peep toe heels and black blazer...  but just not on days that I'm on my job sites.

Go check out the wide variety of items eShakti offers.  And if you are hesitant of ordering clothing on line, don't be.  They can customize any piece and are so very easy to work with.

Mom, dad and I leaving the gala over the weekend.


Stephanie said…
Cuuuute! I am in love with your dress, Lauren :) You look incredibly beautiful, as always!

Hugs to you!
That dress is fabulous and looks so good on you! Love it!