Apparently Sarcasm is My Love Language

A couple of weeks ago at church my pastor was telling a story, and half way through it he paused.  With that pause he explained that his friend really was talking to him that way because, as a matter of fact, his love language was sarcasm.  The moment I heard that phrase come out of his mouth I laughed out loud and then laughed again because the same is true for me too.

As I look back on past relationships (with friends that are boys) and with family and friends sarcasm is a constant.  But funny enough, sarcasm didn't make the list of the infamous five.  I bet it was a close six though!

So what are the official five love languages?
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time (My 'official' love language)
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

As you can see, sarcasm did not make the list and after reading this the other day I am really questioning why it didn't.

"There's a direct link between sarcasm, honesty and friendship.  Sarcastic people tend to be more honest, loyal and upfront with their friends."  

I like to think that is true.  In fact, sometimes I think that is a little too true about me.
What is your love language?  What is your love language that didn't make the official list?


Sarcasm should definitely be a love language!!
Lauren Alexis said…
Haha! I love it! And yes, sarcasm should be a love language. I would think it is my husband's! :)
Organized Chaos said…
Oh my!! I would totally list sarcasm as mine too!! But based on the ones offered mine is definitely acts of service!!!