Why I get dressed each morning

Each morning I wake up and after I get some coffee in me and read God's word I start getting ready for the day.  For me getting ready each day means taming the mane, styling my hair, applying make up (sometimes a little bit, and some times a little more), getting dressed and lastly accessorizing.  I was raised by a loving mother that does the same thing every day just like her mother did.

So why do it?  Why get dressed and why care?  After reading this article the other day about the 21 Differences Between A Southern Belle and A Modern Woman it sparked a conversation with my mom and got me thinking.  This is number two on that list of differences:

"They take care of themselves and the way they look not because they want to please a man, although that can feel good, but because they know that looking put together means the whole world takes you more seriously."
When I said this got me thinking it was because I wondered why I put effort into my appearance.  After some thought this is what I came up with:

-Confidence. When my hair is fixed and the curls are tamed not only do I feel better but I am more confident.  When I know that my hair is fixed and even a little powder is on my nose I know that others are looking at me because I have given them a reason and that reason is not because of a blemish or an out of place curl.

-Respect.  I work with all men and some days I joke that they don't even notice when I change my hair, but they do.  They notice what I wear and what I look like and I believe that by putting effort into the way I look gets respect.  People acknowledge when you take pride in your appearance and say what you want they will take you more seriously if they know you take yourself seriously.

-Beauty. Inner and outer.  I believe that these two go hand in hand.  Maybe not for everyone, but for me they do.  To me inner beauty brings confidence, pride and self assurance, and outer beauty brings respect and admiration.


Unknown said…
Such a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. I am enlightened.
Lauren Alexis said…
Love this post, and that line. I never thought of it that way. Thank you for sharing Lauren!
CWY said…
How did I miss this post? I love it!