Horsing Around

A few weeks ago I shared with you all some beautiful pictures of my back yard after a storm had just passed and since those pictures turned out so well I had to get some more yesterday.  As soon as I walked out my back door this big guy looked right up from his green grass and came over to see me.  

He ran around a bit and let me see his beauty then came over for some close ups. Yesterday's calm after the storm was different that the one in March, but it had the same result and once again I was in awe of the Lord's beauty.  Sometimes the Lord shows us his beauty in small ways, but yesterday he showed it to me in a very big way.  Lots of rain, a cool front, and this beauty right out my back door.

 There are many things that I love about Texas, but today living on my family ranch with Amigo right out my back door is my favorite.  

Today I am linking up with two of my very good blogging friends, Amanda and Crystal, for Texas Tuesday!  Go share some Texas love with them!!
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Stephanie said…
Hello my friend! Long time no talk :) I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Spring.

Your photos are lovely and it's so good to stop by for a visit.

Hugs to you!