Welcome to Summer

Hello Sweet Friends, 
As many of you know in Texas(and many other southern states) we have two seasons.  In true Texas fashion we have successfully skipped spring and summer is upon us.  So what does this mean for me, well a few things:

-I have already endured my first sunburn of the year
-Calves have been vaccinated and tagged (when the burn occurred)
-Hikes are now frequent and welcomed
-Baseball caps are a staple
-Sweet tea is served often
-New flower beds have been planted and armadillos have already dug in them
-Hammock time is a must
-The Texas Rangers are the center of most of my conversations 
-My Instagram has officially been taken over by my backyard

To prove my point, here are few recent pictures from Instagram, my backyard, and just summer in general:
Bluebonnets and my new flower bed behind my back porch

Sunset and hammock time are the best

Beautiful roses in full bloom and relaxing in my new hammock

Taking a back road
Flower bed post armadillo havoc and my new hammock

So ready or not, here comes summer!!  Are you ready for summer?  Does it take over your life like it does mine?  


Jealous of the new hammock!! I'll have to keep bugging John for one! :) We should go take a summer hike together soon!! (It's a Cora friendly activity!)