Apparently I have a blog.

Not quite sure where to start today since it has been quite a while since I last came to you all with my heart on my sleeve and a few words to share.  To summarize the last few months. sometimes life is not made out for blogging.

Happily a really good life has been what has been getting in the way of blogging and I cannot complain.  Not one bit.  Friends, family, relationships. traveling, work and much more have caused me to put down the laptop and just enjoy life.  If you follow me on The Gram, then you have been seeing my life in color and I'm pretty happy with the way it has been lately.
The Cliffs of Dover outside Dover, England
This Texas summer has been heavenly.  The weather has been out of this world and there seriously not words to describe to you how wonderful it has been unless you have been living in it yourself.  Seriously, I was wearing a sweater on a Friday night just a month ago.  I tell you, heavenly.  

Work has been work.  Truthfully I got a bit burned out at the beginning of the summer with some long hours and some tough moments with my team.  But, over the last few weeks I have been reminded why I love design and with an awesome open house on a project that was in construction for over 14 months my love for design has been renewed.

Wanderlust struck once again and after two and a half weeks in England and Scotland I am happy to say that my heart is happy for a while.  There will be many posts in the near future to share all of our many adventures.  It is hard to believe that we saw as much as we did in two weeks and that trip was definitely part of what helped rejuvenate my spirits for going back to work.

There will be more updated to come in the upcoming weeks, but for now know that I am happy to be back in the blogging community and have missed you all something fierce!  


Stephanie said…
Hi sweet friend! I can't tell you how often I have thought of you, but I have thought of you a lot over the last couple of months :) Glad to hear you are doing well and had a good time in England and Scotland - I can't wait to hear more about it :) Scotland is one place I would love to go!

Have a good week, Lauren! Hugs to you!
Hi sweets!!! I've missed you! I can't wait to read all about your trip!!! Hope everything is going well.

yay for sweet summers and man I can't get over the weather we had this summer...crazy. Though it seems like we are getting our heat wave now...