Finish this... the curls.

When I saw that this weeks prompts were all about the hair I had to get in on the fun.  My curls are my life, so it only makes since for them to be a talking point on this blog of mine.

My daily hair routine consists of... lots of curls.  My father likes to refer to my morning hair as Sigourney Weaver hair from Ghostbusters, so as you can imagine there is some work to be done in the mornings.  My routine truly starts after I shower each night with spray leave-in conditioner and curly hair gel.  I scrunch it in and let it air dry, so in the mornings I never know what I am going to wake up to.  After stumbling to the mirror in the mornings with my coffee I pin back my bangs and turn on the water.  I just went my hands and run my fingers through my hair to calm down the curls, straighten my bangs and top it all off with some hairspray.  It is really rather easy.

The best hair advice I have received... is to get it cut often and not neglect the curls.

My hair idol is... Abbie from M is for Mama.  Two months before I met her in person I literally took her picture into Keeley's salon and said 'let's do this'.  So of course when I met her not only was I thrilled because Abbie is awesome, but we were also able to have the instant bond of curls.

Once again, many thanks to Nicole, Becky, Jen and Lisa for hosting.


Ashley said…
Your hair looks nice really nice. I have straight hair that hates to hold a curl, also easy to get ready with.
Unknown said…
L-O-V-E the curls! Also thank you for sharing the link to your blogger friend/idol M is for Mama. It's always fun finding new blogs to read! I can totally see why you wanted yours cut like hers. Adorable!!
LAUREN!!!!!!! Welcome my dear, thanks for joining us this week. You have amazing hair, beautiful curls, and I'm impressed with your daily routine. I feel accomplished when I remember to readjust my messy up-do in the mornings!!!!!!!!!!