My Favorite Little Person

The past four weekends have been filled with so much fun that I desperately need to catch you all up, but today I am only going to tell you about the last two because I got to spend them with my favorite little person.  Two weekends ago, my good friend Anna, her son and I loaded up and met John, Rebekah and Coralie at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch and had a blast.  And this past weekend we celebrated Cora's first birthday, so you better believe there was some cuteness going on at those two major events.

We checked out the pumpkins, we rode the hay ride, we took wagon rides, and we had sooo much fun!  I love living life with Anna and Rebekah and their sweet families and am so happy they let me tag along!  

Proof that I was at the Pumpkin Patch!
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We celebrated Cora's first birthday in style at a park in town and had so much fun.  We got to celebrate with family and friends and had lots of yummy food.  Hands down the best part of the party was watching Cora eat her cake.  She was a doll, yet again, and I enjoyed getting to celebrate her and the beautiful gift she has been in all of our lives over the past year. 

We were a bit unsure about the cupcake at first, but as you can tell by the last picture of the four you can tell that we figured it out and loved it.  Happy Birthday, sweet Coralie!!
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CWY said…
This looks like some fun weekends! Cora is such a doll!
Love love love! Cora is so darling!
I love the post & we love you Auntie Lauren! Thank you for the great pictures!