Type Table

I was recently in an antique store with my mom in our little town and I came across this gem.  A vintage typewriter table was not what I was looking for, but let's get real. Does anyone ever really go into an antique store looking for anything in particular?

It reminded me so much of my granmom's gun metal table just like it that I knew it had to have it.  My brother had my granmom's and since industrial design is such a popular style right now it could go anywhere in my house.
When I first got it home I'm pretty sure it sat in at least four different places.  I like where it is now, but my concern was that I was going to run into it leaving the kitchen going into the rest of the house.  So after leaving it there for a few days under the sweet tea sign I decided to dress it up a bit.
So what did I dress this beauty with?  Well of course I had to get some new frames, because of course nothing I previously had would do...  and Target did not fail.  My mom and dad humored me and we stood in the frame aisle for about ten minutes as I walked up and down and up and down and I must say I am thrilled with my choices.  I even brought a little chevron in, which is a first for me.  I filled the frames with wonderful memories from this summer.  The lower left is my mom, dad and I on the beach in England this summer.  There were kite surfers and it was beautiful, and I swear I have never been so cold.  The top left is lavender at a lavender farm in England with a bee on it.  And the other photo is my amazing home group at church.  

The other pieces, some Jones soda bottles and a Welch's Grape soda bottle with fun drip candles.  The box is a tin from Nice, France filled with photos from my wonderful trips to Nice and Monaco.  My favorites pieces are my granmom and grandfather's ruler and scale.  I love having those piece of them close, especially when a scale is something I use everyday.  

This table was a pleasant surprise in an unlikely place, but I am so thrilled to have it in my home.  Another place to show off my memories and pictures of the ones I love with the ones I love.

What are some of your favorite antique finds?  Any surprising finds?


ps: one day can we go antiquing together?!