Longitude and Latitude

I have been blessed to travel to many wonderful places around the world and struggle just like many people with not knowing how to display my photos from my many trips.  There will never be a way for me to display all of my photos from my many trips and experiences, but I did find a way to display five photos from my favorite places in my home.
Rome, Italy
London, England

These pieces came together fairly simple, but the hardest part was deciding which photos to use from my travels and which cities to show off.  I picked up these simple slightly-off white frames from IKEA and wrote the city name and longitude and latitude on the mattes.  After busting out my architectural lettering skills I was absolutely thrilled with how they turned out.  

I always love showing off my travels and journeys and the constant reminder of those trips that these frames are is awesome.  How do you like to show off your trip memories?  Have we been to any of the same places?


oh I love this idea! I'm thinking I may have to steal if for up our stairwell...
I love this! And love that you have been to all of those places.