Best of 2014

Twenty-five has treated me really well this year and as sad as I am to see the year come to an end part of me is also happy.  If I had to describe this year in a few words they would be blessed and love.  
In keeping with the past few years(2013, 2012, 2011) I wanted to do a countdown of the best fourteen events of 2014, in no particular order.  

Best of '14

1. Spent Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City with one of my closest friends, Katie, and had an amazing long weekend of relaxing, eating way too much and enjoying a new city.  

2. Got to see Miss Fine twice this year, once for my birthday in January and once in Kansas City in September.  She fills my heart with so much joy and laughter every time I see her.  

3. Celebrated my two year anniversary at my job and found a love for what I do again.  During the past year construction ended on a job that I had been overseeing construction administration on for the past 14 months and it was such a joy to see the ribbon cut and the owner move in.  It was days like that which remind me why I love what I do and what makes the long hours worth it!

4. Took the trip of a life time and jetted off to Europe for two and a half weeks.  We toured England and headed up to Edinburgh, Scotland for a long weekend.  Here is the first of many England posts at Ely Cathedral.
Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

5. Hosted a Christmas Scarf Gift Exchange with my girlfriends over dinner, way too many sweets and coffee.  It filled my heart with with joy and love and reminded me how much I love having them in my house.

6. Janis came home with us from England and we had a great Welcome Home Party with our family and friends.

7. Found love in a relationship that has now ended.  It was beautiful and wonderful and even though we did not fall in love I found love through it.  I wouldn't trade the world for that time and the lessons I learned in it and after it.  It may be funny that a break up made the list, but the Lord had a hand in that relationship from the very beginning and knew what he was doing.

8. Took two of my very favorite people to the Pumpkin Patch in October.  They may not be my niece and nephew, but I sure do enjoy spoiling them like they are.
Rebekah and I just sitting on some pumpkins 

9. Mom and I spent a girl's day at NorthPark mall in Dallas and had one of the best days.  Just the two of us, walking through the mall with way too many bags.

10. I painted my screen doors and shutters teal.  This was something I talked about for months, and when it finally happened I LOVED the way that they turned out.  

11. Coffee.  Bought a French Press, coffee grinder, tea kettle, and way too many coffee beans.  Even though I didn't admit it at the time, this was my post break- up purchase.  Not only have these pieces brought joy and warmth to my heart, but they have also brought that to my friends and family that have gotten to enjoy the purchases too.  Leave it up to me to make my break-up purchase a (semi) practical purchase.

12. Headed to Houston with my mom, dad, and Janis for a fun weekend of baseball watching the Rangers and Astros play.  It was a great get away weekend.

13. Planted a new flower bed in my backyard which was a labor of love.  It was hard work because I expanded the existing flower bed and had to remove grass.  The best part was getting to pick out the native plants for it.

Happy New Years, sweet friends!