Someone please feed my horse

If you have been around these parts very long then you know that we have some pretty entertaining animals that live on the ranch.  A talking dog that is too smart for her own good, a horse that is spoiled rotten and Hey, JACK!  Now please read that caption again, "a horse that is spoiled rotten."

One hundred percent of that statement is true and I cannot tell you enough how spoiled he is.  Oh wait, yes I can, with this story...

The other day I was walking from my house to my parents which is just a small walk across a field.  As soon as I stepped out my back door my horse looked up and starting straight towards me.  About half way to me he started talking and telling me how rough his life is and how no one has fed him in weeks.  I proceeded to:
A. Walk faster because I had a horse coming straight for me (with a fence between us)
B. Resist the urge to put my hand up to block my view to pretend I did not see him
C. Tell him that he was a big fat liar and remind him that dad fed him that morning

You see, Amigo is not the only animal on our property that likes to lie about when he has been fed.  April the dog and Jack the fish even do it too, and don't even get me started on the cows that have never seen a hay bale in their lives... I digress.

So as I am considering taking off in a swift sprint to escape the judging eye of my horse, because he knows I am going to get dinner at mom and dad's house, dad came to the rescue.  He came out the back door and was headed to the shop to do what you may ask?  Feed the horse.
After getting some feed I walk out thinking my horse will thank me.  Instead the closer I got to him the louder he got.  I'm pretty sure he was yelling at me to hurry up, but instead I am going to pretend he was singing my praise for feeding him before I ate.

In summary, never a dull moment.  That horse, that silly horse, loves me living in my grandparents house because I am even closer to his pasture than my parents house and he is always entertaining.  Anytime I am in the back yard he is around being nosy and keeping an eye on everything; he even likes to think that he chaperons my dates because he is always near by when a boy is around.

Do you have any funny animal stories?  Have you ever had to chase your animals around town like me in a dress or Crystal chasing chickens or her donkey?  


hahaha! Love it. We've definitely had our fair share of chasing animals!! :)