Anyone that knows me or who has been reading this blog for any amount of time at all knows that I love television.  I enjoy watching it in the evenings winding down from a day at the office and truly enjoy the shows and movies that I watch.

Television, specifically Dish satellite tv, is a luxury that I choose to spend my money on.  Yes, I acknowledge that I could Netflix or Apple TV or Roku or Hulu or many other things that I am not even aware of instead of satellite, but I enjoy live tv and having my shows on my DVR.  Some of my favorite shows are:

Hawaii 5-0
NCIS: Los Angeles
The Pioneer Woman
Covert Affairs
The Big Bang Theory
Hart of Dixie
When Calls the Heart
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Fixer Upper

The list literally could go on and on, but those are just the current ones scheduled to record on my DVR.  Truthfully though, I keep that list fine tuned because at the end of the day there is a lot of stuff on tv that we need to guard our hearts from and that is something that has been on my heart a lot lately.

At the beginning of each season I look forward to all of the new shows that are being premiered and inevitably over the past few years there are a few that even though I like them I have to stop watching.  This past fall season there were two in particular that I can think of and I stopped watching them for very different reasons.  The first show I stopped watching was because of all of the lying and deception that was going on.  It quickly turned into a tangled web and was something that I thought about all the time.  The other show I quit watching was basically sex every five minutes.  And let's just get real, that ain't healthy for no one's heart, especially one whose heart is healing from a relationship ending.

These shows went with me through out the day, were in my thoughts and unfortunately effected me more than I realized.  It was then that I realized that I needed to wisely filter what I put on my tv screen and what sat in my DVR waiting for me on the weekends.  Another thing to get honest about is all of those R rated movies out there that look oh soooo good.  They may be, but with that same realization that I needed to filter my tv I realized that I needed to filter my movie watching.  At the end of the day they are rated R for a reason, and no matter how good it looks I have had to learn to say no.

So what got us to the point of where we need to filter what we watch and fine tune our DVRs so much?  Have we become desensitized and forgotten what is right or wrong?  Most importantly though, where have all of the Leave It To Beavers, Andy Griffith Shows, and Brady Bunches gone?

I think that our culture has some how become desensitized to what is our screens be it tv, phone or computer.  Somehow what is rated R now would have never been on the tv when we were growing up and most importantly when was the last time you saw a movie rated G or PG?  Yes, they do still exist.  I checked.

How does television effect your heart?  Are there any shows that you have had to put down recently?  Or any that you recommend? 


We were just talking about this the other day! It's especially convicting with a little one. Things I don't think twice about watching I realize I'm not comfortable with Cora even glimpsing. I know that will only before more of an issue as she gets older. I don't have any great answers yet but I think until kiddos are in bed, much of my daily entertainment will have to be books & music. So sad that this is what our society has become.