The Cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge and White Horses

Last summer during my trip to England my family and I flew into London Heathrow and from there we loaded up and headed to The Cliffs of Dover and to Dover Castle.  We ate lunch there and spent the afternoon exploring the castle, the grounds and the underground tunnels.  It was a lot of fun to explore and the best part of it was that after a long flight we were able to walk around and stretch our legs.  This was our first introduction into the beauty of England and my first insight into the history of World War 1 from the British side.

After our visit at the castle we went in search of the cliffs and found this beautiful area with a wonderful view of the ocean, cliffs and this light house.  This lighthouse was quite quaint and fun to come across.  It was a great place to explore and we were so happy to have another beautiful day in England.  We had braced ourselves for cold, rainy days and thankfully did not get one until we had been there almost a week.

One of the things that I was most looking forward to in our early days in England was to visit Stonehenge.  I had studied it in school, heard so much about it and had many people tell me to visit it while there.  We made sure to get there first thing in the morning to try and beat the crowds and we were successful in that so we quickly got our tickets and caught a ride out to the henge.

 We got the listening guides and as dorky as they are I was so glad we had them.  They were very useful and informative as we made our way around.  We were so lucky to have another beautiful day and it was absolutely gorgeous.  The beautiful skies were highlighted by the green grass and it was such a wonderful backdrop for Stonehenge.

My parents and I enjoyed walking around and Stonehenge was everything I thought it would be.  Once we finished our tour and exploring we headed back to the visitor center which I was also quite excited to explore because it was fairly new and I had read a lot about it on several design websites (The Arch Daily)and a few architectural magazines.  After all of that hype I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong, it was a handsome building, but just not quite what I expected.

When we left Stonehenge we went in search of the White Horses and it was so much fun to find them.  The first one we found was quite small is the Cherhill White Horse.  The second we found was the Uffington White Horse and is believe to have been created in 800 BC - AD 100.  It was on this hill while enjoying the beauty and wonderful weather that I had my moment where I searched for Mr. Darcy.  As I was walking with my hair and the grass blowing in the wind I looked for him and looked, but after all that searching he never showed up.

These three outings were from our first three days in England and they were such a great way to start our trip.  We stayed in a different hotel each night, so we were constantly on the move but it was all very worth it as we saw so very much.

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Absolutely stunning! What a great trip.