twenty fifteen. goals.

Normally I don't make resolutions and really I always have goals that I am striving for, so the beginning of a year does not restart any of these things.  The new year is great for reflecting though, and for that I am grateful.  This became very evident to me when I spent quite a bit of time writing my two year end reviews.  One and Two helped remind me how very full of love and blessing the past year has been.

But how ever full that year was when I saw this print, I knew that it was speaking to my heart.  I like my comfort zone, actually I would say I Love my comfort zone and I am making one of my goals for 2015 to let down my comfort zone a little bit more. 
Last year I came to the conclusion that guarding one's heart is overrated.  I believe in taking care of one's self and not being stupid, but if one guards their heart too tightly they are in danger of not allowing love to get in.  I believe the same thing for comfort zones.  There is a time and place for them, but at the end of the day they can hold us back and where does that get us?

For the new year my goals are to be a better me and to be happy with my life.  Open my home up more to friends and family and to have a healthier lifestyle.  And most importantly to love, be loved and to let down my comfort zone a little bit more.

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Elizabeth said…
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Stephanie said…
Hey friend! Your post is similar to one I just read about putting ourselves in a bubble so that we can protect our hearts... I do that {put myself in a bubble}, but like you said, we can't guard it too tightly. Thanks for sharing, sweet Lauren.

Hugs to you!
Dianna said…
I like your goals for 2015, Lauren!

I tend to live in my comfort zone a bit too much, so you've given me some food for thought today.
Sylvia said…
Good post, it touched me. There are times when I want to go to a place of comfort and stay there but that's not me. I have committed my life to Jesus Christ if I did then I would be of no use to Him. There are others that need love and kindness. For this new year I hope to be of more service to others and not focus on 'self' too much. Have a blessed day,Lauren!
Anonymous said…
A good resolution indeed! We make comfort zones out of fear of the is always good to let go of them. Thank you for sharing Lauren...mari
Debbie Harris said…
What a great goal to set for yourself Lauren.
Comfort zones are easy to have and one can become very comfortable in them. I am finding it easy to get comfortable, so not like me. This was a challenge for me, thank you.

I came over to visit you from my dear Stephanie's link up party, so happy I did.

Joy to you!