Blenheim Palace - England

Every time that I think of a day that is my favorite or one that I would repeat over and over again I think of the scene from What Happens in Vegas when Cameron Diaz shares the meaning behind her lighthouse photo.  It could be because that photo reminds me of my favorite day that I too hit the road and went to the beach or just because I love that movie.  Since I have already written about my favorite day I figured I would share about my favorite day from last summer when I was on vacation.

Last summer my family and I packed up for two and a half weeks and headed to England and Scotland.  We had the most amazing trip, but one day that still sticks out in my memory as a favorite was our day trip to Blenheim Palace.  It reminded me a lot of our trip to Versailles and that is probably why I liked it so much.

Woodstock, England

We started our morning bright and early at Blenheim and the first thing I noticed was how the community embraced the palace and used the grounds.  Before we even got out of the car I noticed people running and walking with their pets, families, and children and could tell that this was not simply a place to visit, but rather it was a place to come and stay and visit often.  Right away we headed into the palace and grabbed some breakfast and checked the place out to get our bearings for the day.

Blenheim Palace

As soon as we started checking the place out and exploring I was blown away by the gardens, courtyards and landscape, and we weren't even in the building yet.  Once we entered the building we toured the main part of the house where they have displays about the Marlborough family and Winston Churchill, who was born there.  It was fascinating to learn about the family and Churchill and the interiors were beautiful.  The baroque architecture was wonderful and I loved all of the different influences that each family member had brought into the home over the years.

After we explored the palace and Secret Garden we hopped on the miniature train and headed to the Pleasure Gardens.  When we arrived there we ate lunch at the Pleasure Garden Cafe(pictured below) and had a wonderful lunch sitting on the lawn watching Andy Murray play in Wimbledon.  It was a very surreal moment to sit on a beautiful lawn on a beautiful day in England and watch Andy Murray win a round at Wimbledon.  There were locals all around us and we had the best time cheering him on.

Once we finished our lunch and peeled ourselves away from the big screen we went and checked out the maze and Butterfly House.  Each was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun watching all of the butterfly's fly around and entertain us.  This was a fun  part of Blenheim Palace because it was a short ride from the main palace and you could quickly tell it was the area where the locals come to hang out and let their hair down.  It was a more casual environment than the palace and a fun, hidden escape from the palace.

This day was one of my favorite days in England easily because it catered to my love language which is quality time.  For the first day in many days once we parked the car we were there to stay and got to spend quality time just the six of us.  We all enjoyed the palace tour, the museum areas, the grounds, the food and even the great gift shop.

There was no agenda while we were there, we were free to wander and we made the most of the beautiful day.  It was easily a day to remember and one that I would happily repeat.  The only thing that I regret from that day is that I do not live closer so that I can have a year pass to go whenever I want like the locals.  But, unless I want to leave my little house in Texas I don't think that is really something to regret because I won't be changing it anytime soon.

England 2014:


Jenny said…
What a beautiful palace. Sure sounds like an amazing trip. :)
Unknown said…
Sounds like you had a "I can't believe people live here" moment. It always amazes me the different places people live. What a great family memory to visit this palace!
Laynah said…
Your pictures are stunning! Looks like the trip of a lifetime