Faded Traditions

Hello Sweet Friends,
It has been a long while since I have felt like blogging, had time to blog or had anything worth blogging about.  While I have missed the blogging community the time away just became part of the season I have been in recently.  It wasn't until today that I felt the urge to blog at all because of some cookie bars I made the night before.
Last night, a Monday night, I had the urge to bake.  Why you ask... because I like to bake.  There was a new recipe on my phone just burning and whole in my pocket(oven?) and it needed to be made in my kitchen.  I love to bake things with layers and many ingredients and things that even have a little bit of difficulty to them, but last night it was easy and just what I needed.  After watching Dancing with the Stars with my mom I whipped these up and after telling myself not to eat them all I brought them to the office this morning.

Baked goods are always a hit at my office, but this morning they were a homerun.  My dad and I always laugh to ourselves when I bring in a treat or he brings in something that my mom has made because our co-workers go crazy.  For us, baking is second nature and we always have treats around and we have learned that is not the norm.  I have learned that a lot of people simply do not know how to bake and this blows my mind.

To have baked goods and treats around is a tradition for us.  So much so that the pan those bars were made in still has my grandmother's name on it, is cooling on my mother's old cooling rack and was all made in my grandparent's kitchen that I now call home.  When I started thinking of baking as a tradition it got me thinking about other traditions that are quickly fading.

-Cooking and Baking: Simple or traditional, the ways of our mother's is fading.
-Cooking from an actual cookbook:  Online is great, but a cookbook is wonderful.
-Reading from an actual book:  Breaking open the spine of a new book just isn't the same on an iPad.
-Sewing:  My actual meaning refers to a dress or a pillow but I know people that can't even sew a button on a shirt!
-Playing an instrument:  I love to play the piano and I also played the French Horn in band.
-Handwriting letters:  Just thinking of you, get well soon, thank you.  And don't even get me started on sending actual invitations in the mail.
-Drafting by Hand:  This goes for sketching too.  The design industry has developed so quickly that some designers don't even know how to use a pencil anymore.  
-Taking photos with cameras: Not phones.
-Going to church on Sundays: Or any time the doors are open.
-Sunday afternoon drives:  There is nothing better than taking a back road.
-Setting the table for dinner: An turning off the television to enjoy time with family.
-Sitting on the porch:  With no distractions in the world.

All of these things boil down to the fact that I love tradition.  I think that there will always be a time and place for it, even in this fast pace world.  I acknowledge that a large part of this could be that I grew up on a family ranch with three generations in the small town my family settled, but never-the-less tradition is important.

What are some traditions that you miss?  What are some traditions that you still keep?
Am I the only one still baking in this world?


Right there with you...love baking, missing these fading traditions, any time a baked good is in the office my coworkers think it's from me haha