Name- Lauren
Drink- Sweet Tea
Team- Texas Rangers
Dog- Charley the Labradoodle
Texas Born- Texas Raised
Occupation- Interior Designer
Horse- Amigo (Quarter Horse)
Delta Gamma- Always Anchored
Hobby- Baking Yummy Cupcakes
Most Likely- Driving my  FJ Cruiser
Home - 1972 Newly Renovated House
Faith- In my Everlasting God and Savior
Little Known Fact- Certified Scuba Diver
Nickname- Sunshine(but only by my dad)
School- Texas State University-San Marcos

By day I am an interior designer and by night I design every other aspect of life.  I love creating new things, designing new things, and most of all sharing these things with the ones I love.  I like to view life as a journey and this is my way of documenting where it takes me.  You can find a little about a lot here from interior design, my talking dog, my newly renovated 1972 home and life on a Texas ranch

My first passion in life is to travel, and luckily my second passion in life is my job in interior and architectural design.  I truly love what I do and look forward to going to my job everyday.  

I am in love with a man named Jesus Christ.  I love growing with Him more and more everyday and seeing what he has to show me!  He gave his life for me, so the least I can do is try my hardest to be an example of Him and hope that He will fill the gaps of my failures.  I would be nowhere without him and his strength to carry me.

My ultimate goal in life is to praise my God in everything I do.  I strive to glorify Him with my everything and at the end of each day knowing that I have given my all to honor him.  My ultimate goal for this blog is to glorify God in every post; be it funny, serious or heartfelt.

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